LymphoWear has participated in the “IECSC International Beauty & Spa Exhibition 2022”, which was held in Las Vegas (USA) in June. LymphoWear, which helps customers live healthier and happier lives, can finally look forward to having a joyful and exciting time through meeting our customers. 

We bring you, with great excitement - LymphoWear's first meeting with our customers.


“IECSC International Beauty & Spa Exhibition 2022” is the largest beauty, spa, and esthetic B2B exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, and is held four times a year at the following locations in this order: New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and then Florida.

Introducing the exhibition booth prepared by LymphoWear.

The booth has:

-Attractive <banners> that will both capture the attention of our customers and convey the value of LymphoWear

-The <Product Introduction Zone> which explains and informs the viewer on the importance of
: the lymph itself, lymphatic drainage massage and information on our products

-The <Consultation Zone> where you can talk in-depth about LymphoWear's products and contracts

-The <Experience Zone> where you can directly experience LymphoWear.

[Front View]

[Front View]

[Back View]

[Back View]

To our customers, who showed great interest and positive feedback towards LymphoWear!

During the 3 days of "IECSC International Beauty & Spa Exhibition '', many viewers came to the LymphoWear booth. Most of them were well-aware of the importance of lymph, and we met people who regularly receive lymphatic drainage massages and some of them were "lympho therapists" - which made me realize the importance and significance of LymphoWear's existence, and the mission of our brand.

One particularly memorable viewer, who showed great interest, responded enthusiastically to the uniqueness of the world's first developed wearable device for lymphatic drainage massages, and said: "I am very happy that a product which is essential for me and the rest of the world, has finally been developed".

We are having several meaningful conversations with many buyers and wholesalers through the exhibit, so we look forward to meeting you on various platforms soon!

LymphoWear - it is essential 
for my health

The lymph, which is a known “health keeper”, is an important circulatory system that affects the immune system in the body, thus LymphoWear is of great value to help you live a healthy and happy life!

The "IECSC International Beauty & Spa Exhibition 2022" in Las Vegas, which we attended in June, was an enlightening time for customers to sympathize with the value of LymphoWear.

We will continue to spur on customers' positive feedback: they stated that we had “products that are in necessity” and “essential for our health”.

With LymphoWear improved quality products, we will see you at <Cosmoprof Asia 2022> to be held in Singapore 🇸🇬 in November.

Take a deeper interest in your life, putting your health first, and creating a healthier lifestyle for you!